Online Therapy – Is It As Effective As In Person

During the pandemic to allow for continuity of care most therapists and clients made the move to online therapy. Today the demand for online therapy still exists and there are a variety of online therapy platforms to choose from. Many therapists in individual practice still offer online therapy as a service for clients that prefer … Read more

Individual Counseling

Counseling Sessions & Fees Currently I am doing all of my sessions via telehealth, either online or phone. I use a HIPPA compliant platform to secure your confidentiality. Individual Counseling: 50 minute session $125 (At this time I am working with individuals 18 years of age and up only) Regular sessions are 50 minutes in … Read more

Moving To Telehealth

Effective August 15, 2022 I will be moving and will be conducting all sessions virtually. I appreciate you checking out my site and if telehealth will fit your therapy needs please reach out and we can determine if working together would be a good fit both of us.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping -What Is It

What is EFT EFT is a form of Energy Therapy or Energy Medicine. Energy therapy techniques produce change by accessing the energy system of the body through the complex network of meridians or channels that move our life force or Qi through our bodies. Energy therapy works on the premise or the belief that the … Read more

Fear and Anxiety – A Self Compassionate Approach To Change

Do you find yourself in a continuous state of overwhelm and overload? Needing to achieve, have status, gain material possessions. Yet even once those things are acquired still not feeling truly happy. Constantly Striving This constant striving and fear of missing out creates both depression and anxiety. Fear from feelings of not having enough, not … Read more

Be a Healthier, Happier You

We live in what many would describe as a stressful time. I don’t disagree, however we often make things even more stressful by some of our choices. I have a list of 20 things you can do that will enhance your daily experience, make the day a little easier, lighter, and hopefully more joyful. To … Read more