I will be adding to this as I continue to build out my website, but I wanted to get the page up just to get started.

So for now check out these resources.

Addiction Resources

If you are dealing with addictions of any kind a great website is They have an amazing amount of support with the online facilitators, they have online meetings and a resource center that has tools, articles, and podcasts to get you on a new path.

This site will give you info on Alcoholics Anonymous for Southern Nevada, where the meetings are and there is a help line associated with the site.

Narcotics Anonymous for Southern Nevada.

Other  –

This is a site I am working on and adding blogs and resources for self help, with introduction to other healing modalities, articles on journaling, and links to helpful books and other resources. It is still a work in progress but I hope if you check it out you find some helpful information.


Recommended Reading & Helpful Tools


Being a huge fan of journaling I wanted to invite you to check out a few of my favorites: