Recovery Coaching

Currently I am doing all of my sessions via telehealth, either online or phone. I use a HIPPA compliant platform to secure your confidentiality.

Recovery & Wellness Coaching

My recovery coaching program is designed to help those that have been struggling with an addictive behavior. In working together we will develop your goals around changing behavior and a plan to achieve your goals. Weekly check ins will give you the added support to stay focused and on track. Together we will develop strategies that will help you overcome obstacles along the way.

As Coaching requires a commitment I only offer packages rather than individual one time sessions. I offer both a 3 month and a 6 month program.

The 3 month (12 week) program offers a total of 18 hours of my time. Together we will determine a structure that works for your situation. If you are newly out of treatment you may want to have more support up front with 2 weekly sessions or you may prefer to use some of your time for email support.

The 3 month – 18 hour program is $1500.

The 6 month program (24 weeks) offers weekly coaching sessions and an additional 12 hours of my time. How to use the additional 12 hours will depend on what type of support you want. My experience is that most clients want more support in the beginning stages of recovery but others desire to save the extra hours for times that are stressful and may create triggers.

The 6 month program is $2000.

The Difference Between Recovery Coaching and Therapy

Therapy can help you identify the core root of your addictive behavior, work on past trauma, anxiety or other mental health issues that may be part of the problem fueling the behavior.

In coaching we may look at those things briefly so you can bring them up in your therapy but together we will work on helping you achieve your goal of sobriety or moderation. We will work on solutions to challenges and I will be someone that you have to hold you accountable and explore the bumps in the road.

Coaching sessions are not covered by insurance. To determine if coaching is right for you call to set up a 20 minute consultation. 

Accepted Forms of Payment

Cash, Credit and Debit, HSA/HCA Cards

Online Therapy